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Wahyuni Baron Personal training & nutrition coach 

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Meet the Onixagy training methode.

The onyxagi training method is developed by my knowledge i gathered during my fitness career as an athlete and during my boksing career and during my work as a group coach and fitness coach. The training will also give you a mindset of loving fitness and be happy!

Door een wellness sport massage komt u tot rust, hierdoor zal het lichaam beter functioneren. Afval stoffen worden verwijdert uit het lichaam en u voelt zich weer herboren.  Stress kan door massage verminderen. Stress veroorzaakt  kan veel problemen in het lichaam. Gun u zelf daarom een heerlijke massage. Wetenschappelijk onderzoek heeft aangetoond dat het werkt.

Wahyuni Baron’s professional skills:

- 6th place of the world as Miss Fitness (Body fitness)

- Placed 1st miss fitness Benelux (Body fitness)

- 2nd off Holland during boxing NK

- Boxing champ Noord-Holland

- Fitness AALO diploma

- Nutrition Diploma AALO

- Pilates Diploma

- HBO tourist management / business economics degree

- SPW social worker diploma

- Security SEO diploma

- 20 years of fitness experience

- 10 year experience as a personal trainer

- Nutrition & healthy lifestyle coach

- Weight loss specialist

- Hypertrophy / building muscles

- Health seminars

- Social worker

- Thai boxing

- Freestyle lessons; spinning aerobic, Pilates, steps,

- Pylo training, yoga, Thai bo, boxing

- Healthy life style management / burnout management

- Boot camps / functional outdoor training

- Kettlebell training

- Training of specific target groups

- Coaching kids with sport

-Athlete coaching

-Online coaching

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About me

I was born in Indonesia. When I was three months old my parents adopted me and brought me to the Netherlands.

I am very thankful for this and therefore I really want to make something of my life.

I graduated from university. After having done voluntary work in Indonesia, I worked in an office, but felt the desire to do something with a passion. During this time my mother was very sick and this was the moment for me to decide to do something with a passion. I was already a boxer and did some weightlifting, so I started to study get a fitness diploma.

During my work I met a colleague who competed in fitness competitions and knew a lot about it.  I wanted to have more information about training and nutrition so I started my first fitness competition.

I never expected to win due to my scoliosis and I was in a brace for more than 6 years as a child. I needed to go to many therapists. The doctor told me not to do heavy work. In 3 years I won the Benelux title and I became sixth of the World Miss Fitness competition.  During my fitness competition I worked for the government where I coached the employees to be healthy and fit. I learned to give fitness training and gave group lessons three times per day, like: body pump, Pilates, Tai bo, step & shape, body shape and step & spinning classes. I also worked allot together with fysiotherapist for RSI and back pain. I learned allot about medical fitness.

My dream was to become a personal trainer, because I love to see people becoming happy and fit. I liked that winning the title Benelux champ Miss Fitness made my dream come true. After 7 years working as a fitness coach and aerobics instructor I started my own business. I give training to different type of people off all ages.

Until now as a personal trainer I still enjoy my dream and I’m happy I made a lot of people happy and healthy. At the moment my dream is to continue my work as personal trainer and start a social strength project for the government.

 Keep on dreaming and stay strong!

The philosophy of Strongtogetherbaron.

Wahyuni Baron’s dream is to point out the value of working together and the value of actualising dreams. To help private or business clients become stronger together, as they can share skills, knowledge, money, ideas and so on.

If both parties wish each other the best then both can grow stronger.

Of course the main priority of Strongtogether is to create a healthy life style with a lot of energy and a strong body.

The phylsophy of strongtogetherbaron.

Wahyuni Baron's  dream  is to point out the value of working together  and the value of actualising dreams  To help private  private or business clients become stronger  together. as they can share skill, and knowledge, money, ideas and so on

If both parties wish each other the best than both can strong stronger.

Of course the main piority of strongtogether is to create a healty life style  with alot off energy and a stronger mind & body.

Iff you have any  business sharing ideas please contact me so we can share.

Mira cliënt for 3 years training for fun and strenght.
Liesbeth prerparing for first fitness competition
Outdoor boksing / bootcamp training with Laura and JP. This couple trained already for 3 years at Samensterkbaron.
Dayenne still training during here pregnant training
Duo training to share the cost and extra fun!